Diagnose problems in Word 2007 with Microsoft Office Diagnostics

If Word 2007 is dragging or even crashing already, you can do some diagnostics. Microsoft Office Diagnostics will check your computer for a variety of problems, including disk errors, updates, and incompatibility issues.

Remember how well Office 2007 ran after your first installed it? If your computer is crashing or simply sluggish, it's probably time to run Microsoft Office Diagnostics. Microsoft Office Diagnostics is a series of diagnostic tests that can help determine what is wrong and guide you in repair.

To begin the diagnostics process, connect to the Internet and, if possible, close all other programs. Be sure you have the Microsoft Office installation disk on hand -- or ensure you have access to the network share that contains the Office installation -- as the program may need it to repair certain problems. To start the Microsoft Office Diagnostics program, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Office button.

  2. Click the Word Options button.

  3. Click Resources.

  4. Click the Diagnose button.

  5. Click Continue, and then click Run Diagnostics.

The diagnostics tests include checks for disk errors logged by the Windows systems event log or by the disk itself (if it is equipped with the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Report Technology, or SMART, feature). Office also checks your laptop for desktop RAM and installations of incompatible versions of Outlook.

The SetUp Diagnostics is the longest portion of the test, taking 15 minutes or more. It checks for corrupted files and registry settings in the Office 2007 system installation, and then it repairs some problems directly and gives recommendations on how to solve others. (The SetUp Diagnostics is similar to the Detect and Repair feature in previous versions of Word.)

If Automatic Update is on, Microsoft Office Diagnostics will also check whether your computer is up to date with installed free service packs from Microsoft. Finally, it will check for data on previous crashes that have occurred on your system to find out if any other solutions are available.

If Word has crashed so badly that it will not restart, you can still run the diagnostics program by following these steps:

  1. In Windows, click the Start button.

  2. Point to All Programs, then point to Microsoft Office, and then Microsoft Office Tools.

  3. Click Microsoft Office Diagnostics.

Note: This tip applies to Word 2007, Excel 2007, and Access 2007.

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