Double-click shortcuts provide quick access to Word formatting options

Don't wander around a tab or a menu looking for a command when a double-click can get you where you want to go.

Most of us probably spend more time formatting our documents than we should, so shortcuts matter. You could spend  time looking for the right options, but sometimes a double-click provides quicker access to formatting options. Here's a few:

  • Double-click the horizontal or vertical ruler to open the Page Setup dialog.
  • Double-click the indent marker on the horizontal ruler to open the Paragraph dialog (my personal favorite).
  • Double-click the Move Table Columns marker (the small squares you see when you're in a table) on the horizontal ruler to display the Tables Properties dialog.
  • Double-click the Proofing Errors indicator to display the Readability Statistics.
  • Double-click the title bar (top of the screen) to restore the window. This is the same as clicking Restore Down in the top-right corner, but those buttons aren't always available.
  • Double-click a tab to hide the ribbon.
  • Double-click the header or footer area to open it for editing.
  • Double-click an AutoShape to display the context-sensitive Formatting toolbar.

A click, right-click, or double-click can often expose shortcuts and unknown options. What clicking shortcuts do you rely on?