Hide a slide

Sometimes, you may want to keep certain slides hidden, but available if you need them. See how to keep PowerPoint from displaying a slide during your presentation -- and how to display it on the fly, if you decide you need it.

Presentations don't have to proceed in linear fashion, from the first to the last slide. You can jump to any slide using hyperlinks or the Go To Slide option. Occasionally, you may even hide a slide if it contains information that isn't right for every audience. Then, you can decide on the fly if the audience should see the slide. First, you have to hide the slide, as follows:

  1. In Normal view, click the Slides tab and select the slide you want to hide.
  2. Choose Hide Slide from the Slide Show menu. 

PowerPoint will display a special icon --  -- denoting the slide's hidden status. The slide is still in the presentation file, but PowerPoint won't automatically show it during a slide show.

To show a hidden slide during a presentation,  right-click the background and choose Go To Slide from the resulting shortcut menu. Simply select the hidden slide. (Numbers in parentheses indicate hidden slides.) To permanently unhide a slide, repeat the instructions above for hiding it.