Hide columns in a form using Datasheet view

A Datasheet form is a form object that resembles a table or query in Datasheet view. The following view is actually a form, not a table or query. You might be surprised to learn that the ApplicationID column’s Visible property is set to No.


For most forms, you can set a simple property -- the Visible property -- to hide a specific control in a form. With the control (or controls) selected, simply set the Visible property to No. When you display the form in Form view, the form won’t display any control with a Visible property set to No, with one exception. As the above figure shows, a form with a Default View setting of Datasheet ignores this property.

That doesn’t mean you’re stuck. Fortunately, you can hide the column another way. With the form in Form view, click any cell in the column you want to hide. Then, choose Hide Columns from the Format menu. The data’s still there, you just can’t see it.


To unhide the column, chose Unhide Columns from the Format menu, select the column you want to see in the Unhide Columns dialog box, and click Close. These instructions work in Access 2003, but they should work similarly in almost all versions. In Access 2007, the Hide Columns and Unhide Columns items are in the Home group under More.