How to add your favorite folders to My Places in Office 2010

Adding a frequently used file or folder to My Places in Office 2010 is easy, if you know where to look for the option.

I'm in and out of the same folders a lot and some of them are a few layers deep. Working through that hierarchy is monotonous and inefficient. Using Office 2003's, I added these frequently used folders to My Places (the bar to the left in many dialog boxes)—it's a great shortcut. Simply choose Add To My Places from the Tools menu.

When I switched to 2010, I couldn't find this option! (They moved the Tools menu to the bottom of the dialog box in 2007, but the option was still available.) I was more than a little worried--had they removed it? It took me a few minutes to find it!

Even though that option is missing in 2010, adding a folder to My Places takes even less effort than before. First, locate the folder you want to add to My Places. Then, right-click My Places and choose Add nameoffolder/file.

You can add a file or folder to My Places. Once the position is in My Places, right-click it and choose Move Up to position the new shortcut higher in the list. When you no longer need the shortcut, right-click and choose Remove.

My Places is great for adding temporary and permanent shotcuts because they're easy to add and remove.