How to create columns in the middle of a Word document

Formatting a Word document with multiple newspaper-style columns can improve the layout and make the text easier to read. Here are the steps for "columnizing" your document text in older versions of Word and in Word 2007.

Columns, or specifically, newspaper-style columns, are common in newsletters and reports. The good news is that they're easy to implement and you don't have to apply the column format to your entire document; you can columnize any text with just two clicks.

In version 2003 and earlier, select the text you want to display in column format and click the Columns tool on the Standard toolbar. Doing so displays a palette-type drop-down list of columns. Highlight the appropriate number of columns (watch the bottom text update as you select columns to keep up with how many columns you're creating) and then click. It couldn't be simpler.



In Word 2007, select the text and click Columns in the Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab. To remove columns, select the text and chose one column from the Columns drop-down list.