How to enter percent values in Access efficiently

Access percent format

If you set an unbound control's Format property to Percent, Access enters values in the hundreds. For instance, if you enter 3, meaning 3%, Access displays 300%. If you enter 3% or .03, Access displays 3%. Don't expect users to know or accommodate this behavior, and training users to enter 3% or .03 is a burden for both of you.

In version 2003 and earlier, you can use the control's After Update event to control percent values as follows:

Me.percentfield.Value = Me.percentfield.Value / 100

This simple procedure reduces data input because users enter only the literal percent value. Don't try this with a control that's bound to a Number field where the Format property's set to Percent.

The good news is that 2007 eliminates this problem. The value you enter is the value you see.