How to print Excel comments

Comments are scattered all over my Excel spreadsheets and I find them helpful. Most of the time, they're just for me -- they're reminders of partial payments, specific check numbers, and so on. However, recently, I wanted to share a few comments with someone. Surely I didn't need to cut and paste comments to a Word document... did I? Fortunately, there are two ways to print comments:

  • In place with the worksheet data
  • At the end of the worksheet

To print a worksheet with comments in place, choose Page Setup from the File menu, click the Sheet tab, and click the As Displayed On Sheet options from the Comments control. To print comments following the sheet data, choose the At End Of Sheet option from the Comments box. Now the key here is that Excel prints only those comments you show in the worksheet. If your comments are hidden, Excel won't print them.

You control which comments Excel prints by showing only those you want to print. To print an individual comment, right-click the commented cell and choose Show Comment from the resulting shortcut menu. The bad news is that Excel won't show or unhide comments for multiple cells. You have to unhide each individually.

You will probably have to move or resize some comments to keep them from blocking data. Or, see my earlier blog entry on making comments transparent.