My favorite new Outlook 2010 feature

Deleting messages you no longer want or no longer wish to receive, just got a lot easier using Outlook 2010's two new conversation actions.

Most of us spend a lot of time dealing with email--especially getting rid of messages we no longer need. Outlook 2010 has two new commands that you're going to like: Ignore and Clean Up. These two commands (in the Delete group on the Home tab) will help you manage the email in your Inbox more effectively and efficiently.

Use Ignore to move an entire conversation, and any future replies to that conversation, directly to the Deleted Items folder. You don't have to sort or visually hunt through messages to get rid of all the pieces to a conversation. In addition, after the conversation is gone, you won't have to deal with it again--you'll never see those replies in your Inbox!

Clean Up moves only old messages in a conversation to the Deleted Items folder. That means, you can hang on to the recent replies in the conversation, the part you really need, without cluttering up your Inbox with replies that are no longer relevant.

They're simple tools that do a lot!

What's your favorite new feature in Outlook 2010?