Office challenge: How can you display Saturday and Sunday as individual days in Outlook's calendar?

In this week's Office challenge, learn the answer to our previous Excel question and test your Outlook skills.

Outlook's Calendar compresses Saturday and Sunday into one day. The square is subdivided into two days, but you're still looking at two days in the space allotted to one day for the rest of the week. Most of us won't mind, but if you do, how can you force Outlook to give equal space to Saturday and Sunday? Last week we asked: What's the quickest way to name a range in Excel? The answer to this one is simple, if you know it. Richard.moore4 was the first to respond with the answer I had in mind. The quickest way I know to name an Excel range is to use the Name Box, as follows:

  1. Select the cells you want to identify as a range. The Name Box in the top-left corner of the sheet will list the anchor cell (B2) for the current selection.
  2. Click the Name Box, enter a name for the range (in this example, North), and press Enter. That's all there is to it!
Mandeepam also responded with the correct answer. Daneke mentioned a few rules for naming ranges, and I'd like to add another one: You can't use a number as a range name. Thanks for another great challenge!