Office challenge: How can you get a list of referenced libraries in an Access database?

In this week's challenge, test your Access skills and learn the solution to last week's Outlook challenge.

Most developers like to document a database, and there are a number of built-in features for that purpose. However, as is, you can't easily document the referenced libraries. You could open the Visual Basic Editor and manually create a list, but there's an easier way. How would you document the referenced libraries for an Access database? Last week we asked… How can you quickly increase the text size in an Outlook email message, without permanently changing settings? NestyPR was the first to respond with the solution I had in mind -- hold down the [Ctrl] key and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. It's a great trick that works almost everywhere, not just in Office applications. Other readers who responded with the same solution are Tigercane, Jvanlingen, Dsteiner_kc, Chris_Thomson, David.pyett, Art_Jeffries, and Heamenth. If you're being challenged by a specific Office problem, start a new thread. Let's see if our creative and knowledgeable readers can help.