Office challenge: How can you get Word to print both Portrait and Landscape in the same document?

Test your Word skills in this week's challenge and learn a few ways to improve performance in Excel.

Not every page in a Word document will fit neatly into the default printing scheme. For instance, you might need to drop a spreadsheet or wide table into a document that's using the Portrait print setting. In this case, you'd probably want Word to print the page containing the table in Landscape, while printing the rest of the document in Portrait. How can you get Word to accommodate both Portrait and Landscape in the same document? Last week we asked you to… List just one change you can make to an Excel spreadsheet to improve its performance.
  • Njconner1 suggested converting formulas to static values to keep a busy spreadsheet from recalculating formulas that don't need recalculating.
  • T8omo1 suggested disabling automatic calculation. That way, you decide when Excel calculates. That certainly speeds up data entry in a busy spreadsheet.
  • Dlcartin recommended a fix for conditional formatting.
  • Wilson.baptista.jr groups dependent formulas.
Feel free to keep this thread going. We'd all benefit from working more efficiently in Excel. [Editor's note: If the performance tips keep rolling in, we'll compile them into a handy reference.]