Office challenge: How can you quickly increase the text size of an Outlook message without permanently changing settings?

This week, test your Outlook skills and learn the solution to last week's challenge on Excel's Auto Fill feature.

Reading email on a notebook can be a challenge. The default resolution is small and the screen is even smaller. If reading the fine print is causing a headache, there is help -- and you don't have to change the screen resolution or any permanent settings. How do you increase the size of the email message? Last week we asked… Can you get Excel's Auto Fill feature to fill a range with just workdays -- excluding Saturday and Sunday? Several of you provided creative solutions, and Kirk.bare was the first to respond with the solution I had in mind. To exclude Saturday and Sunday using the Fill handle, do the following:

  1. Enter Monday.
  2. Pull the Fill handle down, according to the number of cells you want to fill.
  3. When you release the mouse, Excel will display a small icon representing the Auto Fill Options. Click it.

  4. Click Fill Weekdays (the last option). That's all there is to it! Excel will fill the selected range with only weekdays.
This option is easy and requires no planning or special knowledge, beyond knowing it's there. Stapleb and Tim both mentioned that you must use the right mouse button, but that's only partially true. By default, this setting is enabled and the left button will display the Auto Fill Options. If disabled, only the right button will display the Auto Fill Options. To check, choose Options from the Tools menu and click the Edit tab. Enable the feature for the left mouse by selecting the Show Paste Options Buttons option. Jbaptiste also mentioned the Auto Fills Options solution. Thanks to all of you who suggested custom lists or entering Monday through Friday and using the fill handle to copy that list. In addition, thanks to A. C. Metcalf for providing a Mac solution.