Office challenge: How do you change formats for comments?

This week, test your Word skills and learn the answer to last week's challenge on changing your Outlook calendar display.

Recently, I received a Word document for review, but the first comment I tried to insert was teeny-tiny -- the text was too small to read! When I tried to alter the style, I couldn't find it. So this challenge has two parts: First, how do you change the font (or general format) for comments; and second, if you can't find the style in the Formatting And Styles task pane, what do you do?

Last week we asked…

How can you display Saturday and Sunday as individual days in Outlook's calendar? This one has a simple solution, if you can find the right setting. Gloriousglenn was the first to respond with the answer I had in mind:

  1. In Month view, right-click a blank spot anywhere in the background.
  2. Choose Other Settings from the resulting context menu.
  3. Uncheck the Compress Weekend Days option in the Month section and click OK.

Phantom56 also responded with the same answer. Thanks to everyone for playing this week -- there were several interesting responses.