Office challenge: How do you change the font Word uses when printing envelopes?

This week's Office challenge tests your Word skills and reveals the solution to last week's challenge on formatting in Excel.

Word has an easy-to-use feature that prints envelopes, but it uses a predefined style. If you don’t like that style's font, what can you do?

Last week we asked:

How can you copy formatting to a contiguous block of cells with just two clicks? The answer is simpler than it sounds–use the Fill Handle as follows:

  1. Double-click the current cell’s Fill Handle. That’s the small square at the bottom-right.
  2. Don’t worry if doing so overwrites existing values in the cells below the current cell -- —you’ll have an opportunity to undo that change. Click the resulting AutoFill Options control’s drop-down list.
  3. Click the Fill Formatting Only option.

That’s it -- Excel cancels the autofill’s overwrite and applies only the formatting from the anchor cell. Okay, technically, that’s four clicks if you count double-clicking the Fill Handle. If that’s the case, don’t double-click the Fill Handle. In fact, if the contiguous block is adjacent to empty cells, double-clicking the Fill Handle does nothing! In lieu of double-clicking the Fill Handle, simply extend the selection from the current cell using the Fill Handle as necessary, whether the cells contain values or not. Then, simply click the AutoFill Options control’s drop-down arrow and click the Fill Formatting Only option.

I didn’t set out to purposely trick you; I just didn’t consider counting the selection process. Feel free to complain in the Comments section; I probably earned it!