Office challenge: How do you password-protect an Excel workbook?

This week's Office challenge tests your knowledge of Excel's protection features and reveals the answer to last week's challenge on printing a PowerPoint slide in black and white.

Protecting data is probably an important part of your job. There's a ton of software (and some of it is expensive) and more policies and guidelines than you can shake a stick at -- all designed to help you protect your data. However, it's often the simplest efforts that keep your work safe. Password-protecting an application isn't the only thing you can or should do, but it's often the first line of defense for keeping people who have access to your system out of a confidential file. So this week, tell us how to password-protect an Excel workbook. Last week we asked… How do you print color slides in black and white? This trick is easy, but you might not know where to look for it. You can change the print default by choosing Color/Grayscale from the View menu. Then, choose Black And White from the resulting submenu. In PowerPoint 2007, click the View tab and then click Pure Black And White in the Color/Grayscale group. You can also choose this setting just before printing. From the File menu, choose Print. Then select Pure Black And White from the Color/Grayscale control in the Print What section. In PowerPoint 2007, you'll find the Print options by clicking the Office button Darryl, SheRex, .Martin, and futureking all mentioned one or both solutions. Chris.elvidge offered a unique solution: Print the presentation to a black-and-white printer. That wasn't the answer I was looking for, but whatever works is okay with me. Cabmdbase has found a similar hardware solution. As always, thanks for playing.