Office challenge: How do you replace a column or series point in an Excel chart with a graphic?

Test your Excel chart skills in this week's Office challenge and learn the answer to last week's PowerPoint puzzler.

Excel charts are functional, but they can be very boring! For example, wouldn't a graphic of a dollar bill make a greater visual impact than several different colored columns? Or just imagine small dollar signs or automobiles instead of data points. In the right circumstances, graphics can be expressive and share a story quicker than the actual data can. How do you replace a chart's default column with a graphic file?

Last week we asked…

How does PowerPoint remind you that you're hovering over a link? Jeff7181 was the first to respond with the correct answer: When you hover over a link, the pointer changes from an arrow to a hand with a pointing index finger. This is helpful when you want to disguise or hide a link -- especially if you decide to make the link invisible. The changing pointer is a visual clue that helps you remember or find a link that you can't see or recognize as a link.

Sawwriters and Jimtheboat also answered correctly. As always, thanks for taking a shot!