Office challenge: How would you force a page break before every Heading 1 style instance in a Word document?

This week, test your Word skills with a Heading 1 styles challenge and learn the solution to last week's Access challenge.

One of your users has created a document using the default styles, Heading 1, Heading 2, and so on. The boss has decided that she'd like each section (denoted by a Heading 1 title) to begin on a new page. What's the easiest way for your user to accomplish this without inserting manual page breaks?

Last week we asked…

How would you inhibit the Access 2007/2010 Date Picker control? By default, Access 2007 and 2010 display the date picker for controls bound to a Date/Time field and that's the clue you need to solving this challenge. To inhibit the control, you simply go to the source - the table! Open the table in Design view, select the appropriate field row, and then set the Show Date Picker property to Never.

Making the change at the table level will disable this feature for all controls bound to this field. Fortunately, text box controls now have the same property. When you want to disable the date picker for one or more controls, but not all, set the control property for the respective controls instead of using the field property.

That was certainly easy, wasn't it? Thanks to Asger Blond for this helpful tip!