Office challenge: List one change you can make to an Excel spreadsheet to improve its performance

In this challenge, test your Excel performance-boosting skills and learn the answer to last week's PowerPoint challenge.

Almost all of us have been saddled with a slow workbook. In particular, I remember one marketing spreadsheet that took all night to calculate. Now, sometimes there's just no getting around it -- either the data or the calculations warrant the time. But the problem is usually poor design or inefficient formulas, and you can improve performance. So this week's challenge is to list one way you can improve performance in an Excel spreadsheet. Last week we asked… How do you display a black or white screen on the fly during a PowerPoint presentation? Nigelboor was the first to respond correctly: Press B to display a black screen and press W to display a white screen. In addition, you can display a "blank" screen that defaults to the background color currently in use by pressing U. To return to the current screen, simply press the same key a second time. Amondracorp and Mliesman also knew the proper keystrokes. Michael-mps mentioned pressing the period key (.) to toggle between the current slide and a black slide. Thanks to everyone for playing along this week!