Office challenge: What's that red x and where are my graphics?

Learn the solution to last week's Word challenge and test your skills with a new Word challenge regrading little read Xs where images should be.

Have you ever opened a document and found little red x's where graphics should be? There's a reason and fortunately, it's easy to fix. What would you tell a user about fixing the graphics and what would you recommend they do to avoid the problem in the future?

Last week we asked… Why is there always an extra blank page at the end of this document? Jbenton was the first to respond with the reason: There's always an extra paragraph mark at the end of a table. This particular paragraph mark goes with the end of the document and contains formatting for the whole document (or the last section). Jbenton and Robinjanekluz both suggested formatting the final paragraph mark as 1 pt and that does work! The problem with hiding it is that you can easily forget it's there and it can play havoc with placement later on, if you add text. If the document's finished, it's a good simple fix.

You can also apply the Hidden format to just that last paragraph mark as follows:

  1. Select the last paragraph mark and choose Font from the Format menu. In Word 2007/2010, click the Home tab. Then, click the Font group launcher.
  2. On the Font tab, click the Hidden option in the Effects section.
  3. Click OK.

You'll still see the paragraph mark on screen in its own blank page (except in Print Preview) but your printer won't push through a blank sheet of paper for it when you print the document. Users might be confused by the blank page on the screen and attempt to fix a problem that you've already fixed.