Office challenge: What's the quickest way to enable the Macro Recorder in Word?

Learn the answer to last week's challenge on keyboard shortcuts and test your Word macro skills in this week's challenge.

If you use VBA with Word, you know that turning on the Macro Recorder is often the quickest way to automate a task. You could try to beat out the code yourself, but why work so hard when you don't have to? Of course, you won't always get exactly the code you need, but with a little tweaking, you can usually get the job done quicker by starting with the recorded code. So, what's the quickest way to enable the Macro Recorder in Word? (Note, I didn't say the most traditional method. I asked for the quickest method.) Last week we asked: What keyboard shortcuts let you change the size of a word or phrase in Word? Your response was overwhelming and it was a fun challenge! The keyboard shortcut I had in mind was [Ctrl]+> to increase the font size of the current word or selected text and [Ctrl]+< to decrease the font size. The greater than and less than signs were the clue I mentioned. If you're really focused, that connection just pops right out at you. Len222 was the first to respond with a shortcut -- [Ctrl]+] and [Ctrl]+[ -- although they weren't the pair I had in mind.  Len222's shortcuts are simpler, as you don't have to remember the [Shift] key (< and > are [Shift] characters).  But the  bracket keys aren't as intuitive as the < and > signs. If you've got them memorized, they work just as well! But a word to the wise, they aren't interchangeable: The < and > shortcuts default to the Font Size control to determine the percentage increased or decreased; the [ and ] shortcuts decrease and increase by one point. Steve.McCurdy was the first to mention the < and > shortcuts. A related shortcut, definitely worth noting is [Ctrl]+[Shift]+P. This shortcut gives focus to the Font Size control. You can then enter the size you want and press [Enter] to change the size of the current word or selected text. Thanks to everyone for taking part in this week's challenge! Think you can stump everyone with an interesting challenge? Feel free to post it in the Comments section.