Office challenge: Why can't I add comments to this document?

In this week's challenge, test your expertise on Word's comments feature and learn the solution to last week's challenge on Outlook contacts.

Recently, I received a Word document for review. When I tried to insert a comment, the Comment item on the Insert menu was dimmed -- Word wouldn't let me insert comments! Fixing the problem was simple enough. What did I do to enable commenting? Last week we asked… What's the easiest way to access contact information when viewing an appointment? The solution is simpler than you might think. Create the appointment as your normally would or open an existing appointment. Then, add contact information to the appointment as follows:

  1. Choose Item from the Insert menu. In Outlook 2007, click Attach Item in the Insert tab.
  2. From the Look In window, choose Contacts.
  3. In the Items list, click the appropriate contact.
  4. Under the OK and Cancel buttons to the right, click Text Only in the Insert As options.Doing so will insert the contact information in the appointment's body. The Attachment and Insert As Shortcut settings will add a link to the contact page.

  5. Save the appointment and close it.

The next time you open the appointment, the contact information will be right there in the appointment window, without any additional clicking.