Office challenge: Why is PowerPoint losing hyperlinks

Take a crack at the latest TechRepublic Microsoft Office Challenge and match wits with your peers. Check out and critique the correct answer to last week's Challenge.

A user insists that working hyperlinks in an important PowerPoint presentation are losing their links! You know the user is competent and doesn't get all panicky when things go wrong, so you believe her. What do you believe is wrong?

Last week we asked…

How would you include a blank page at the end of a document if the last page is odd? Ron_007 responded with a field almost exactly like the one I had in mind:

{ IF { =MOD({ PAGE \* ARABIC}, 2)} = 0 "" "<page break>" }

If you're using Arabic page numbering, you can omit the \* Arabic switch, but it's easy to include and hurts nothing to include it. You can also add some kind of generic text such as "This page intentionally left blank," although I admit, I always find that phrase odd when I encounter it. If you enter this switch at the end of the document or the end of each chapter, it'll work just great - no macro, no special proofing - it just works.