Office challenge: Why is there always an extra blank page at the end of this document?

Learn the solution to last week's Excel challenge and test your skills in this week's Word challenge.

A user came to me with a problem that's more common than you might think. Every time he prints a certain document, Word prints a blank page at the end. It just so happens that his document has a table at the very end—a table that goes to the very bottom of the last page. What's the problem and is there any way to inhibit that last blank page?

Last week we asked…

How can you view formulas and results for a range at the same time? I would open two windows for the same sheet using New Window from the Window menu. In Excel 2007 and 2010, click the View tab and then click New Window in the Window group. Then, choose Arrange—select the most comfortable arrangement. Once you can view both windows, press [Ctrl]+` to display formulas in one of the windows. (The ` character is to the left of the 1 character.) Sandra.scrivens was the first to respond with the solution I had in mind.

Basil.cinnamon suggested copying the formulas as text to nearby empty cells. This works too, if you have empty cells nearby. I use this method occasionally in figures.

Thanks everyone for another fun Office challenge!