Office challenge: Why isn't AutoComplete working in my newly installed Outlook 2010?

This week, test your Outlook skills and learn the solution to last week's Word table challenge.

After installing Outlook 2010 and importing an address book from an older version, users were disappointed when AutoComplete failed to work with recipients in new email messages. What would you tell users faced with the same problem?

Last week we asked… How can you increase the width of your Word table by increasing the width of a single column? Portada was the first to respond with a working solution:

  1. Right-click the column.
  2. Choose Table Properties from the resulting submenu.
  3. Click the Column tab.
  4. Enter the new column width.
  5. Click OK.
However, there's an easier solution and Vosabz was the first to mention it, although Cuhli was quick to provide the appropriate key. Vosabz said to hold down the [Ctrl] key and drag the column—Cuhli pointed out that it's actually the [Shift] key, not [Ctrl]. Qus mentioned a third method: Use the horizontal ruler. All three of these methods will increase or decrease a specific column and increase or decrease the table's right border, accordingly. Thanks for another great challenge!