Office challenge: Why won't my Forms option buttons work?

This week, learn the answer to last week's Outlook challenge and test your Excel skills in a new challenge.

Last week, I added a group of option buttons in a group box to an Excel sheet. When I protected the sheet, the option buttons wouldn't work. What did I forget to do?

Last week we asked…

What's the quickest way to select a date that's not currently showing in Outlook's Date Navigator? Sandra.scrivens was the first to respond and Stapleb agreed with the best route I know:

  1. Press [Ctrl]+G or click the Dialog Launcher in the Go To group on the Home tab to display the Go To Date dialog box.
  2. Click the Date dropdown, choose a date, and click OK. If you're a fast and accurate typist, entering the date manually might be faster. The feature works either way.
Now, the Go To Date dialog can do a little more than find a specific date—you might not always know the exact date. For instance, what if you want to select the day that's 45 days into the future or 45 days into the past? The Go To Date dialog can handle both. Simply enter "45 days from now" or "45 days ago." The feature understands simple English.