Office Challenge: Why won't Word hide index tags?

In this week's challenge, test your Word skills with an obscure display option and learn the solution to last week's Styles pane challenge.

A user complains that he can't seem to hide index tags. Toggling Show/Hide (in the Paragraph group on the Home tab) should work, but it doesn't. This option still toggles paragraph marks, spaces, and so on, but not the index tags. What's happened?

Last week we asked…

Why are some of the Style Pane options disabled? Eljensen mentioned a type of password protection that limits you to working with only permitted styles. To find this option, click the Styles group's dialog launcher, click Manage Styles (the third button to the right at the bottom), and click the Restrict tab. If the Limit Formatting To Permitted Styles option is checked, you'll need the password to change the Select Formatting To Show As Styles options.

Thank you Eljensen and well done!