Office solution: Two ways to eliminate Excel grid lines from a PowerPoint slide

This week, learn the solution to the earlier challenge, how would you eliminate Excel grid lines from a PowerPoint slide?

Earlier in the month, I asked you how to eliminate Excel grid lines from a PowerPoint slide. The solution is simple, but not everyone will see it so clearly. Bhj was the first to offer the correct route - remove the grid lines in Excel before copying the sheet to PowerPoint! It seems obvious, but once the graphic element (sheet) is in PowerPoint, the more casual users might stumble with this one. They might think the element was created in PowerPoint and not realize it was copied from an Excel sheet.

In Excel, you'd remove the gridlines before copying to PowerPoint by clicking the View tab and unchecking Gridlines in the Show group. In Excel 2003, choose Options from the Tools menu. On the View tab, uncheck Gridlines in the Windows Option section, and click OK.

I also liked Adgarg's idea to use Paste Special and choose Keep Text Only. It's quite simple, but you'll lose other formatting. It's an easy choice if all you need is the text.