Put the finishing touches on your Access 2007 forms in Layout view

Customize your Access 2007 forms with the new Layout view, which displays data while allowing you to edit the look and feel of the form as you create it.

Access 2007's new Layout view lets you quickly add the finishing touches to your form's design. From this view, you can add a form title or a date and time field to the form's header. You can also add another field control and automatically readjust the tab order. Follow these steps to make adjustments to your Access 2007 form:

1. In the Navigation pane, double-click the form you want to change.

2. On the Home tab, click the View icon and select Layout View.

3. In the Controls group, click the Title command to add a title to the form header.

4. If you wish to change the default title, click and drag the text in the text box and type the new title.

5. In the Controls group, click the Date & Time icon to add a date and time control to the form header.

Let's say you need to add a missing State field to the form. To do so:

1. Click and drag the State field from the existing field list to a location above the Zip Code field.

2. Click anywhere in the form background.

3. Click the Arrange tab.

4. Click the Tab Control command in the Control Layout group.

5. Click the Auto Order button.

6. Click OK.

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