Quick keyboard shortcuts for the Access Navigation Pane

A few keyboard shortcuts for opening objects from the Access Navigation Pane.

Opening an object from the new Navigation Pane in Access 2007 and 2010 is easy enough. A double-click opens the object view. To open an object in Design view, right-click it in the Navigation Pane and choose Design View. If the object's already open, click View in the Views group to switch back and forth between available views.

If you're a keyboard enthusiast, you'll like the following shortcuts for opening Access objects from the new Navigation Pane:

  • [Shift]+Enter: Opens the object in object view.
  • [Ctrl]+Enter: Opens the object in Design view.
  • [Alt]+Enter: Opens the object's Properties dialog box.

These shortcuts aren't new. They work in the mdb format file too, but you might not use them because you can open an mdb-format object with a single click to the Database Window toolbar. With those quick shortcuts displaced by the Navigation Pane, you might find these keyboard shortcuts more useful now.

There's just something about opening objects from the Navigation Pane that continues to befuddles me—perhaps I'll adjust in time.