Quick mouse access to the Go To tab is just a click away

Keyboard shortcuts are always efficient but there are other quick routes to the Microsoft Word features you use a lot.

Users often prefer using the keyboard, but if your hands are already on the mouse, mouse access is more efficient. The truth is, almost everything you do has a mouse route and a keyboard shortcut and often, the mouse route is just as efficient. Which you use depends on where your hands are: the keyboard or the mouse.

Displaying the Go To tab is a good example. You probably know that you can quickly display this tab by pressing [F5]. Everyone knows this one. What they don't know is that there's also a quick mouse route. Simply click the left end of the status bar - the segment that displays the current page number and the total number of pages in the current document.

In fact, all of the segments on the status bar offer quick access to related features:

  • Go To
  • Word Count
  • Spell/Check (proofing)
  • Track Changes
  • Macros

For all of the possibilities, right-click the status bar. The resulting dialog shows each segment of the status bar as a group of options. The broken lines denote feature groups.

Enabling an option will expand that segment of the status bar and clicking the new option will launch that segment's corresponding feature dialog. For example, if enable the Line Number option in the first segment, clicking it will display the Go To tab, just as clicking Page Number does. You're clicking the whole segment, not a specific option.

Don't get locked into keyboard shortcuts - sometimes a mouse click is just as quick or even quicker!