Quickly format cells with related attributes

When formatting cells with a common attribute, use this quick trick to select all the cells so you can format them as a block instead of individually.

It's common to apply the same format to cells that are related in some way. For instance, many spreadsheets use color to denote cells that contains formulas.

You could spend a lot of time applying the format manually to individual cells, or you could do it the easy way. Use [F5] to select all the cells that contain the same attribute. Then, apply the format to all of the cells at once. For instance, to color cells that contain formulas, you'd do the following:

  1. Press [F5].
  2. Click Special (at the bottom right of the dialog box).
  3. Select formulas and check all the options that apply to your situation.

  1. Click OK to return to the spreadsheet. The appropriate cells will be highlighted.

With the appropriate cells selected as a block, apply the format as you normally would. In this case, choose a color from the Fill Color palette. That's all there is to it. Using [Goto] to select cells with a common attribute, you save time and eliminate the possibility that you might miss cells.