Quickly move Word paragraphs

Moving text doesn't have to involve a cut-and-paste task. If you're moving an entire paragraph, just click the Up and Down Arrow keys.

Moving text usually involves a cut-and-paste task. First, you highlight the text you want to move and press Ctrl + X to copy the text to the Clipboard. Then, you position your cursor where you want the text to be and press Ctrl + V. It's helpful, but it's more work than necessary if you're moving an entire paragraph. To quickly move a paragraph in a document, do the following:

  1. Click anywhere in the paragraph you want to move.
  2. Hold down Shift + Alt.
  3. Press the Up or Down Arrow key, accordingly, as many times as necessary.

Word will reposition the entire paragraph above or below its current position each time you press Up or Down Arrow. If you change your mind, just press Ctrl +Z to undo the move.

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