Quickly viewing Word text that extends past the right edge of a document

Don't struggle to work with text that scrolls past the right edge of your screen. A simple setting will force text to wrap to the current window.

Most of the time, you probably prefer to view and work in a document as it appears printed. That setup usually works well until you're working with a wide document or the screen display resolution is low. In either case, the text extends past the right edge, as shown below, and the only way you can view or edit the out-of-sight text is to scroll back and forth. It's tedious at best and can lead to errors because it's a bit confusing. Fortunately, you can force Word to display all of the text in the current window by using a little-known setting: Wrap To Window. You can enable this setting as follows:

  1. Choose Normal from the View menu. (This setting doesn't work in Print Layout view.) Choose Options from the Tools menu.
  2. Click the View tab.
  3. In the Outline and Normal Options section, check the Wrap To Window option.
  4. Click OK, and Word will display the text in the current window.
If you're using Word 2007, do the following:

  1. Click the Office button and click Word Options in the bottom-right corner.
  2. Click Advanced in the Word Options dialog box.
  3. Check the Show Text Wrapped Within The Document Window option in the Show Document Content section.
  4. Click OK.
When you finish working, simply uncheck this setting to return the display to the wider format. If you use this setting often, you may find it annoying to switch back and forth between the enabled and disabled views. When this is the case, add a command button to one of your toolbars and let VBA do the switching for you. Set the custom button's action property to call the following subprocedure (macro):
Sub WrapTextToWindow()
  'Toggle WrapToWindow setting.
  With ActiveDocument
    .ActiveWindow.View.WrapToWindow = _
     Not .ActiveWindow.View.WrapToWindow
  End With
End Sub
Clicking the button toggles between the two states. In other words, if the WrapToWindow setting is enabled, clicking the button will disable it and vice versa. Don't struggle with text that flows past the right edge of the screen. Enable the Wrap To Window setting manually or automate the setting.