Save split screens and multiple sheets as a view

Tired of arranging your sheets in the same way every time you open a workbook in Microsoft Excel? Save a view instead and some some time.

If you work with a split sheet or a couple of sheets open in different windows, you're going to like this tip. You can save your view. Then, when you open the workbook, Excel will open it to the saved view. You won't have to spend the first few minutes putting everything in order - it'll be just the way you want it when you open the workbook.

Once you have your sheet split or multiple sheets open and arranged, do the following in Excel 2007 or 2010 to save the view:

  1. Click the View tab.
  2. Choose Save Workspace in the Window group.
  3. Save the view as an XLW file - that will be the default, so you won't have to change the file type. Just give the file a name that you recognize, and click Save.
The next time you open this workbook, open the XLW version instead of the XLSX version. Excel will open the same workbook with all the sheets intact, but it'll open to the view you work with the most. Excel 2003 has a similar feature, but it's not quite as efficient - you save a custom view and then select it after opening the workbook:

  1. From the View menu, choose Custom Views.
  2. Click Add and enter a name for the custom view.
  3. Click OK.
When you open the workbook, choose Custom Views from the View menu, select the view and click Show. It's a bit more work, but still effective. You could use the workbook's Open even to set the view for you.