Save time by creating tables from Access 2007 field templates

Access 2007 data field templates are predefined data fields that you add to your own database tables, saving you the step of entering the same information each time. Here's how to create your own tables from the data field templates.

You can easily create fields for your tables by using Access 2007 field templates. A field template is a design for a field, complete with a name, data type, length, and predefined properties. Once you decide which fields pertain to your data, drag the appropriate field templates onto a blank template. For example, to create a table for your customer database using field templates, follow these steps:

1. Open the database that will contain your table.

2. Click Create.

3. Click the Table command.

4. Click the New Field button under Fields & Columns.

5. Click the + button under Contacts to display the Contacts Field Templates.

6. Click and drag the Last Name field to the datasheet between the existing field headers (ID and Add New Field).

7. Continue clicking and dragging the fields that you want for your database and insert them between the headers of existing fields.

8. After you have inserted all fields into the table, right-click the Table tab.

9. Click Save, enter Customers in the Table Name text box, and then click OK.

Note: This tip applies to Access 2007.

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