Save time with these Word 2007 edit options

Word 2007 has some neat new features, including the ability to format your document the way you want. Unfortunately, sometimes when you edit, your document's formatting can get mixed up. Here's how to keep problems from occurring while getting the look you want.

If your Word documents need reformatting every time you paste an item, you can save time by having Word 2007 take over some of those formatting chores. For example, after you delete a single word, does Word leave an extra space behind? Or, when you cut and paste a paragraph, does an extra blank line remain where you cut it, or is all formatting lost after you paste it? To prevent extra spacing or reformatting from occurring, follow these steps:

1. Click the Office button.

2. Click the Word Options button.

3. Click Advanced.

4. Under Editing Options, select the When Selecting, Automatically Select Entire Word check box.

5. Select the Use Smart Paragraph Selection check box.

6. Click OK.

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Now when you double-click a word, Word will select both the word and the space that follows it; that way, no extra spaces remain when you move or delete. When you select a paragraph, Word now automatically includes the paragraph mark, so that when you cut and paste a paragraph, no blank paragraphs stay behind, and all paragraph formatting remains intact.

You can also set Word 2007's editing options so that when you paste an item originally cut or copied from another document -- or even from another program -- the pasted item will take on the formatting of its new location. To set these options, follow steps 1 through 3 and then go to Cut | Copy | Paste and select Match Destination Formatting in both the Pasting Between Documents and Pasting From Other Programs menu list boxes.

Then when you copy a selection from say, a PDF document, Word will discard most formatting originally applied directly to the copied text but retain formatting used for emphasis, such as bold and italic. The rest of the copied text will take on the paragraph's style characteristics, as well as any direct formatting characteristics of the text immediately preceding the cursor where you pasted it.