Solution: What's the easiest way to migrate your customized Word 2003

Read the easy solution to last week's challenge: how to quickly migrate a custom Word template when upgrading.

Last week, we asked if you knew how to migrate the template that you've been customizing for years when upgrading to Word 2007 or Word 2010. Ron_007 responded with the answer I had in mind:

  1. Close Word.
  2. Copy your Word 2003 version of to the Word 2007/2010 Templates folder. If you need help, read What's the quickest way to find Word's templates?
  3. Delete the new Word 2007/2010 version of Normal.dotm in the same folder, leaving the customized .dot version.
  4. Open Word, and it will import your custom settings and macros from your .dot version into the new 2007/2010 version.

It's certainly a lot easier than you might have thought! In fact, this one's easy enough to entrust most users with - that could certainly save you a lot of time!

Thanks Ron_007 for playing along!