The Show Margins feature in Excel 2010 is revealed

Moving margins in Excel 2003 is easy using Show Margins. Many users can't find it in the ribbon versions, but it's still there.

Excel 2003 users can easily change margins in Print Preview. Simply click Margins and start dragging the margin lines. It's easy and intuitive.

A frequent support call for users new to the ribbon versions is about this seemingly missing feature. Even in the Print panel in Backstage, they can't find it. Many are upset that they'll have to change margins manually, which kind of negates the whole point of Print Preview for some of them. Fortunately, the feature is still available; it just isn't as obvious. In Backstage, Show Margins is in the bottom-right corner of the Print panel. You can still modify the margins quickly by dragging the margin markers.

What many users don't realize is that they can use this feature to change column widths too. In the Print panel (Print Preview in Excel 2003), just click and drag the column markers to quickly resize a column. Or, position the cursor over the column border in the actual sheet area and drag.