Tip: Customize Windows Regional settings

Dr. Keith Rowlings of South Africa recently asked an Outlook question. He wanted calendar view to display the day's name, along with date, as in Monday, July 9, 2002. That's how Outlook displays dates on my system, so I suspected Windows, and not Outlook, was his problem.

I checked my Regional And Language Options via the Control Panel and found that the long date format for English (United States) is dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy. The format for English (South Africa) is dd MMMM yyyy.

I explained to Dr. Rowlings that it wasn't an Outlook setting but a Windows setting. I'm ashamed to admit that I left it at that. Fortunately, Dr. Rowlings took the initiative and found that he could customize the Windows setting as follows:

  1. From Control Panel, choose Regional And Language Options.
  2. On the Regional Options tab, click the Customize button to the right of your system's regional choice.
  3. Click the Date tab and choose the appropriate format from the Long Date section.
  4. Click OK twice.

After choosing the appropriate Long Date format, Outlook displays the day's name. It's worth noting that you can customize most of your regional settings. Keep in mind that a custom format will affect your entire system, not just Outlook.