Tip: Quick access to Word styles

Word comes with several predefined styles, but not all of them are available via the Styles control on the Formatting toolbar. In fact, only a few are in that control's drop-down list. When a style's not on the list, you must display the Styles Aand Formatting pane to access it. Applying a style this way adds it to the Styles control on the Formatting toolbar, but only for the current document.

Going the route of the Styles And Formatting pane is an avoidable nuisance. There are two quick workarounds:

  • Open a new document and add the style(s) via the Style And Formatting pane. Save the blank document as a template. When you know you'll be working with that style (or styles), use the template.
  • Type the style name into the Style control and press Enter.

The second solution is the simplest if you're dealing with only one or two styles. For instance, to add Normal (Web), click inside the Style control and add "(Web)" to the Normal style (which is the control's selected item by default). Be sure to press Enter, or Word won't add the style to the control. Similarly, if you want to add HTML code, highlight Normal in the Style control, type "HTML code," and press Enter.

Thanks to Bryan Carbonnell for sharing this time-saving tip.