Two new downloads offer one-stop info on Office 2007

Scattered throughout the Office blog, you'll find a number of "10 things" posts that touch on various Office 2007 overview topics (such as "10 Word 2007 features you can skip" and "10+ ways to train your users on Office 2007 for free"). To make it easier to catch all the salient details in these get-up-to-speed pieces, we've consolidated them into a PDF download, "100 things you should know about Office 2007."

We also rounded up some of the heftier Office 2007 offerings out there, including Deb Shinder's comprehensive explanation of six new Office security features, a look at how Outlook 2007 features work with Exchange Server 2007, and a glossary of Office 2007 terms. We PDF'ed them and dubbed the whole thing "Feature guide: What you need to know about Microsoft Office 2007."

Both resources are aimed at helping you get a quick introduction to key Office 2007 changes, support issues, and potential upgrade gotchas.