Use diagonal borders to label Excel cells

It's easy to create a heading for column labels and a heading for row labels in the same Excel cell -- use diagonal borders. Here's how.

You can use diagonal borders to create a heading for the column labels and a heading for the row labels in the same Excel cell. For example, say you want to place the headings for the Regions column and the Sales columns in cell A3, as shown in Figure A. Follow these steps:

  1. Select cell A3.
  2. Press the spacebar eight times.
  3. Type Sales.
  4. Press [Alt][Enter] twice.
  5. Type Regions.
  6. Press [Ctrl][Enter].
  7. In Excel 2007, click on the Home tab, then click the drop-down arrow of the Borders button in the Font group.
  8. Click More Borders at the bottom of the list.
  9. Click the Border tab, and then click the lower right-hand icon in the Border section.
  10. Click OK.

Figure A

Figure A

If the word Sales is too close to the diagonal border, click before Sales in the formula bar, and press the spacebar a few more times.

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