Use Go To to select a specific line in a Word document

You can use Go To to find specific lines in a Word document. Use it to randomly scroll through the document or to pinpoint a specific line.

Add line numbers to a Word document discusses a seldom used Word feature—adding line numbers to a Word document. Most of us just don't think in terms of line numbers when working in a Word document. We look at documents in terms of paragraphs, sections, pages, and so on. If that describes you, you might be missing out on another line-numbering feature: Using Go To to select a specific line. It's really quite simple:

  1. Press [F5].
  2. Select Line in the Go To What control.
  3. In the Enter Line Number control, type the line number.
  4. Click Go To.

It doesn't matter whether you have line numbering enabled or not—Word can find the line either way. If the line number doesn't exist yet, Word moves to the last line in the document.

There's a bit more to the feature than just a quick jump to a specific line. You can use this feature to move relative to the current position by prefacing a line with a + or – character. For instance, after selecting Line, entering -1 would select the line just above the current line. Entering -5 would enter the line five lines above the current line. Enter +10 would select the line 10 lines below the current position—and so on.