Use the Access 2007 Ribbon to design professional-looking forms

If you're making a form in Access 2007, you can take advantage of the Forms Design Tools Ribbon to create the layout you want with ease.

Access 2007's predefined layout features can eliminate much of the manual work involved in designing forms. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can group, align, and format your controls all from the Forms Design Tools Ribbon.

For example, you want to design a customer contact form from your Customer Records table. Follow these steps:

1. Open the Customer database and click the Customer Records table in the Navigation pane.

2. Click the Create tab.

3. Click the Form Design command in the Forms group.

4. Click the Add Existing Fields button in the Tools group.

5. Click a field in the Field list and drag it to your form. Do this for each field you want on the form.

6. Press [Ctrl]A to select all the fields on the form.

7. Click the Arrange tab.

8. Click the Stacked icon in the Control Layout group.

9. Click the Control Padding command in the Control Layout group and select Medium.

10. Click the AutoFormat button in the AutoFormat group and select the format of your choice.

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