Use the Find A Contact control to quickly find any Outlook contact

Viewing contact information was never easier. From 2010's new Home tab, you can view contact information for anyone in your address book, without leaving the current window!

Viewing contact information is just a few keystrokes away, thanks to the new Find A Contact search option on the Home tab. Regardless of what window you're in, you can view contact information by entering a name (first name, last name, or whole name) and pressing Enter.

Let's say you're in the Tasks window and you want to view Kate Stewart's contact information. To do so, you could switch to the Contacts window and look her up. But you don't have to switch windows. Instead, from inside the Tasks window, you can click the Home tab (if necessary), then type Kate Stewart in the Find A Contact control in the Find group, and press Enter. Outlook will display the requested contact information!

You don't have to enter the entire name either. For instance, you could enter just Kate. If you have more than one contact that matches the search string, Outlook prompts you for more information. Select the right name and continue.

You might have noticed that the Find A Contact control has a dropdown. Click it to see recent searches - just select a name from the list for even faster selection!

Users might not find this new helpful feature on their own. Once they use it a few times, they'll find themselves relying heavily on it!