Use Word's hidden ruler to reveal more page information

You know about Word's ruler, but do you know there's an alternate view that reveals more page information, increasing efficiency in the process?

You're probably familiar with Microsoft Word's rulers. The one along the top of the screen measures the width of the page and tags items that fall between the left and right margins.

Similarly, the one to the left, measures the length of the page. There's another view that tells you a bit more:
  • The distance between the edge of the paper and the margin.
  • The distance between the selected tab and the left and right margins.
Accessing this alternate view is easy:

  1. Using the left mouse button, click a margin or tab on the ruler, but don't release the mouse button.
  2. While holding down the left mouse button, press the right mouse button.
Using the above figure, the alternate view tells you the following:
  • The left and right margins are both 1.25".
  • There is 0.56" between the left margin and the selected tab.
  • There is 5.44" between the selected tab and the right margin.
Once you know this information is easily accessible, you'll probably find many uses for this alternative ruler view.
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