Download these tips for optimizing your mobile computing experience

With every new generation of mobile devices, we inch a little closer to the ultimate Nirvana of personal computing: the perfect combination of uncompromising functionality and ultra-portability. Download these book chapters and articles to learn how to make the most of your mobile device.

Treo EssentialsAccess your e-mail anytime, anywhere, and wirelessly from your Treo

Wireless mobile e-mail is arguably the killer app for mobile devices. VersaMail has some limitations, but overall it is a capable mobile e-mail client. For frequent travelers and e-mail junkies, wireless Treo e-mail can be downright life-altering. Explore the e-mail capabilities of your Treo in this chapter download from Treo Essentials.

Communicate via text and multimedia messages from your Treo smartphone

Text messaging has been the rage in Europe and Asia for some time, and recently even U.S. business users have begun to realize its utility. The newest generation of mobile devices combines a mobile phone with a true text-messaging device, including full QWERTY keyboard. Master the ins and outs of text messaging and multimedia messaging with your Treo in this chapter download from Treo Essentials.

BlackBerry in a SnapManage your BlackBerry from your desktop PC

Even the powerful, ultra-portable BlackBerry 7100 series computer needs to be connected to a desktop desktop PC occasionally, to install applications, perform backups, or synchronize data. Learn how to manage your BlackBerry from your desktop PC in this chapter download from the book Blackberry in a Snap.

Build a wearable PC

Tired of his heavy laptop turning him into Quasimodo, author Cyrus Peikari dreamed up a solution. In this article, learn how you too can ditch your cumbersome laptop by building the ultimate mobile device-a lightweight, wearable PC.

Build a wearable PC, Part One Build a wearable PC, Part Two