The best of Pocket PC software

Here's a list of the Pocket PC software products that I've personally found useful as an IT professional over the years.

E-Book/Document Readers

Mobipocket Reader

The Mobipocket Reader is a free e-book reader suite that comes with both desktop and device components.

Its features include the ability to make bookmarks, highlight text, and annotate text. It displays Tables of Contents, cover pages, and indexes. You can also purchase a number of e-books from the developer's Web site.

The most useful feature to me is its ability to create custom e-books with its desktop client. It imports various file formats, such as TXT, RTF, DOC and even PDF, into its e-book reader's format.

MicroOLAP Reader for Pocket PC

The MicroOLAP is the best CHM reader for the Pocket PC around. Sadly, it looks like they've stopped releasing updates to this software - with the latest version released in the beginning of 2006.

Still, for IT professionals out there who might be stuck with CHM manuals or references, this affordable application is really the best application out there.

Foxit Reader for Windows Mobile

Foxit Reader for Windows Mobile is a PDF reader application that, in my opinion, rivals that of Adobe's own Windows Mobile version. It lets you zoom in and drag around your PDF document without length pauses common in just about every other PDF viewer around.

Phone-related Enchancements

Spb GPRS Monitor

For folks without unlimited data packages, the Spb GPRS Monitor is a useful tool for ensuring that you don't exceed your data quota. This software is a complete solution for measuring the amounts of data transfers via your GPRS, CDMA or GSM network connection, and calculating your network usage costs.

Spb GPRS Monitor has been around for quite a while - and is bundled free with a number of phones. It's reliable, with adequate customizable features and reports. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be able to track data usage should you decide to use your Pocket PC as a data modem.


For those of you still stuck with phone dialers and without the ability to filter your phone book using T9-predictive technology, go grab EZDial2 right away.


If you find Pocket Internet Explorer inadequate, here are a couple of good alternatives:


An ACCESS product, the new version of the Netfront browser, v3.4, is currently still under development. Due to internal reasons, ACCESS has decided to suspend sales of its previous version - Netfront v3.3.

Because of this, the company has decided to extend its free Netfront v3.4 Technical Preview download until the end of February 2008.

Opera Mobile

Opera touts its Opera Mobile browser as the fastest, most secure browser for both the S60 and the Windows Mobile platform. The company offers a 30-day free trial.


Resco Explorer 2007 for Pocket PC

The Resco File Explorer is an easy-to-use file manager with many advanced functions, including encryption, the ability to map a drive, registry editor, file compression, etc. It can beam files via Bluetooth to other Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, a feature I haven't found in other applications.

Pocket Informant 2007

Arguably the most powerful PIM (Personal Information Manager) for the Windows Mobile platform, Pocket Informant improves upon the functionality of Pocket Outlook to match (and some argue, exceed) that of the desktop Outlook. It has won the Pocket PC Magazine Best PIM Award for several years in a row now - including the latest.

It's amazingly configurable and powerful, yet intuitive. Still, don't expect to be able to go through all its configurations and options in just a single evening!

For fun

CorePlayer Mobile

This is the best video player available. It plays many formats, including the likes of DivX, XviD, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and even H.264 videos. That's right, CorePlayer allows you to play these files -- smoothly --from your flash memory card on most PDAs without having to first recompress it.

To my knowledge, it is the best video player on the Windows Mobile platform at the moment.