Wacky Wi-Fi products?? Hmmm.

PC Magazine has just released their list of what they consider "wacky Wi-Fi enabled products". Some of them have been reviewed here on TechRepublic as well. I even posted about one example, the Wi-Fi Detector shirt. I have to admit that it very intriguing, but not to the point where I would run out to get one. So, I agree that it should be included in the “wacky” category. Some of the products are definitely not “wacky” though, at least in my opinion. In fact they are interesting to me and would appear to be compelling purchases or gifts to others as well.

Such as

Wi-Fi enabled HDTVs have many inherent uses and losing some of the cables is a definite advantage. So, I vote that LG’s 802.11n wireless LCD HDTV is not ‘wacky” and has the potential to do very well in the consumer market. Digital photo frames are also a great idea and when the pricing comes down I suspect they will become very popular. Thus I disagree with the assessment that the eStarling Wi-Fi Photo Frame is “wacky”.

The product that I considered the “coolest” of the “wacky” products was the Eye-Fi wireless SD card. It is a 2GB SD memory card with Wi-Fi hardware and firmware on board that will transfer the contents of the SD card to a computer via a wireless connection. How neat is that. I realize that some cameras are Wi-Fi enabled already, but this will allow those that aren’t to have the same ability and at a reasonable price. I also wonder if it would work in other devices that support SD cards?

Final thoughts

For once I boldly voiced my opinion, disagreeing with a major technical news entity. I wonder how many of you agree with my assessment of what is “wacky” and what is not?